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Jurassic Fossil Links Ancient Crocodiles With Dolphin-Like Ani remote secure networking mals

This is an artist’s impression of Magyarosuchus fitosi. Credit_Márton Szabó A 180 million-year-old fossil has shed light on how some ancient crocodiles evolved into dolphin-like animals. The specimen – featuring a large portion of backbone – represents a missing link in the family tree of crocodiles, and was one of the largest

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Higgs Boson Might Have Been Discovered by LH Overhead Line Monitoring C High Energy Physicists

www.inhandnetworks.com In the high energy physics community, rumor and speculation is rife that Large Hadron Collider scientists will announce the discovery of the Higgs boson during the International Conference on High Energy Physics, occurring in Melbourne, Australia, July 4 to 11. This would be one of the most important discoveries in the

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Bypass Surgery Results in Long Term Health Benefits an vending machine card reader d Weight Loss

www.inhandnetworks.com There are more than 30 million Americans that are classified as obese or extremely obese. A new study shows that they might benefit from surgery that reconstructs the stomach to accommodate less food. Gastric bypass surgery leads to weight loss and improvement of health related problems, and may yield long-term

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