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HELIX Pro ct scanners remote monitoring jects Warns Some Climate Change Impacts Locked In, Worst Can Still Be Avoided

www.inhandnetworks.com An artwork commissioned as part of the HELIX project. Credit: Erica Nockalls The HELIX project warns that some impacts of global warming (such as sea level rise and coastal flooding) are already locked in and unavoidable, but the worst can still be avoided. Global temperatures h wired ave already risen by around

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British and American Teams Hunt for Life Under A magento web design ntarctic Ice

www.inhandnetworks.com A British field camp in Antarctica will soon host efforts to drill through the ice to reach Lake Ellsworth. Photo by BAS Next week, UK glaciologists are heading to Lake Ellsworth to prepare for a new drilling stage that will start December 5. They hope to reach the lake and start

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