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Jupiter’s Great Red Spo 4g router t – Just a Sunburn?

www.inhandnetworks.com Jupiter’s Great Red Spot. The feature’s clouds are much higher than those elsewhere on the planet, and its vortex nature confines the reddish particles once they form. Using a combination of data from Cassini’s December 2000 Jupiter flyby and laboratory experiments, new research suggests effects of sunlight produce the color of

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High-Quality ‘Magnetoelectric’ Material Shows P edm romise as Memory for Electronics

www.inhandnetworks.com Physics graduate student Julian Irwin checks equipment in the lab of materials science and engineering Professor Chang-Beom Eom, where researchers have produced a material that could exhibit the best qualities of both solid-state and spinning disk digital storage. Credit: Sarah Page/UW-Madison College of Engineering Smartphones and computers wouldn’t be

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British and American Teams Hunt for Life Under A magento web design ntarctic Ice

www.inhandnetworks.com A British field camp in Antarctica will soon host efforts to drill through the ice to reach Lake Ellsworth. Photo by BAS Next week, UK glaciologists are heading to Lake Ellsworth to prepare for a new drilling stage that will start December 5. They hope to reach the lake and start

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