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Microraptor Wind Tunnel Test Provides Insight into the Evolution of Bird F Distribution Power Line Monitoring light

www.inhandnetworks.com This is Microraptor in flight. Credit: Emily Willoughby Scientists at the University of Southampton examine the aerodynamic performance of feathered, non-avian dinosaurs, providing new insight into the evolution of bird flight. In recent years, new fossil discoveries have changed our view of the early evolution of birds and, more critically, their powers

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Anthr power sensor opologists Shed New Light on Prehistoric Human Migration

www.inhandnetworks.com This field excavation photo shows a double burial in Kargadur, located in Istria County, Croatia. The skeletal remains are among 225 skeletal remains sampled in a study of two major migrations across southeastern Europe during prehistoric times. Results of the study are in a paper, titled ‘The Genomic History of

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