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Higgs Boson Might Have Been Discovered by LH Overhead Line Monitoring C High Energy Physicists

www.inhandnetworks.com In the high energy physics community, rumor and speculation is rife that Large Hadron Collider scientists will announce the discovery of the Higgs boson during the International Conference on High Energy Physics, occurring in Melbourne, Australia, July 4 to 11. This would be one of the most important discoveries in the

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Bryologs Effectively Induce Latent HIV Activatio cloud VMS n in Vitro

www.inhandnetworks.com Chemistry Professor Paul Wender Sharing two fundamental features with the original bryostatin, synthetically designed compounds called bryologs could serve as superior candidates for the eradication of HIV. Thanks to antiretrovirals, an AIDS diagnosis hasn’t been a death sentence for nearly two decades. But highly active antiretroviral therapy, or HAART, is also not

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